studio — esokon

studio esokon is a creative design studio with a focus on bringing well-designed and artisan-crafted ideas and objects to everyday life.

Taking its name after the Isokon Building (1934), the first modernist architecture to be built in London under the influence of Le Corbusier’s “machine-à-habiter (machines for living)” ethos and once home to Walter Gropius and Marcel Breuer, studio esokon values the philosophy and heritage of modern design.

The Isokon was designed by Wells Coats, a Japanese-born British architect, whose designs have introduced Eastern sensibility to Western functionality. The founders of the studio esokon walked past his design every morning when they were living in a studio flat in Hampstead, London. And this experience has naturally led them to start a design studio of which could bring Eastern and Western design to coexist.

Inspired by the authenticity of design, people and places, studio esokon produces various self-initiated projects that explore the tactility of natural materials – such as paper, fabric, wood, metal and ceramic. And through its client-based work across visual, spatial and lifestyle design, studio esokon proposes new perspectives and methods.

Located at the Itaewon neighbourhood of Seoul, studio esokon works closely with global/local community of artists, businesses and professionals. studio esokon acts as a bridge that connects designs and cultures from the Far East to Europe.

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